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TropicalAstral’s Erasmus+ expertise originates from the development of bespoke language training in Helsinki, Finland where the staff’s competence was learned over 20 years. The language training for corporations was tailored around the specific needs and objectives of each client and client organisation. This has lead to early adoption of, and an extensive in-house experience in, e-learning and m-learning content development and creating language learning material over a wide range of topics and business.

Due to participation in many projects in immigration and language teaching, TropicalAstral also has expertise in creating material and web resources specifically targeted for migrants.

Language training material created by TropicalAstral’s staff can be found online on, and other online web portals for teachers and mobile applications can be found in both IOS & Android app-stores.


Our staff have also worked on the projects below

TIME2ACT@SD – Time to Act through Sustainable Experiences for Higher Education Students
Designing the Future
DIMPE – Digitalisation of multilingual programs in the EHEA
Skills4Mums – Job skills for unemployed mothers
LEAD – Learning in difficult Times
E-safety – Learn E-Safety and Be Safe on Digital World
Multi-I – Multimodal Interaction and Information
Digit & Learn – Empowering teachers for a more interactive, efficient and appealing digital learning experience
Empowering Disadvantaged Women via Distance Education for a Sustainable Development Project
Digital Health Literacy (Digital Health Literacy to Increase the Resilience of the Disadvantaged Group)
Use your time creatively
AR4EFL: Transforming Primary School Students’ English as a Foreign Language Learning (EFL) with Augmented Reality (AR)
Integrating Digital Learning (integrating digital learning competences into the education curriculum)
AWARDS (autonomy and well-aging reinforcement for the adult people with down syndrome)
STEM – Labyrinth (STEM Labyrinth as a method for increasing the level of knowledge through problem solving)
EnForSe – English for seniors, practicing English with the Montessori Method
Mental Health+
ASSESS (Assessing EFL students)
IntegrAction – Action for socio-economic integration of refugees and asylum seekers
LANGO – Language on the go
City Quiz & Walk
FEES : Financial Education for Educators
OnTrain (online training: the treasure within)
Mr. Winston
Language voices
Opening Doors Giving Opportunity
Youth Online
Moving Languages
Mobile Tech
CV Plus
SupEFL – Supplemental Self-Help in English as a Foreign Language
RADAR (Regulating AntiDiscrimination and AntiRacism)
STEMify Your Classroom: STEM Platforms for Quality Education
Development of guidelines for the inclusion of preschool children with behavioural and learning disabilities
STEM COIL (Collaborative On-line International Learning)
Women of Integration
Language on the move
Enjoy Language within Tourism: How to Attract Participation and Increase Motivation of Young Male Language Learners Working in the Tourist Sector
Everybody can do it
Learning through teaching
Segundas Lenguas y Nuevas Tecnologías