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Project Nutcracker Update – April 2023

The Erasmus+ project ‘NUTCRACKER – Learning by doing and helping’ is all about engaging the disengaged and connecting the disconnected due to the covid pandemic. With inclusion being a key element of the project, the aim is to build an inter-modal methodology that links small manual works and digital skills in order to promote the acquisition of skills that are relevant for the target group in the job market.

Direct target groups that will be included in the project implementation are Trainers and teachers in adult education programs and adult learners at risk of social exclusion. At least 50% of the participants in the pilots will be women.

Possible indirect target groups with interest in exploiting the NUTCRACKER project outputs and outcomes are VET teachers, trainers, companies with a focus on social work and adult education, researchers, youth workers, NGOs, students and people with migrant backgrounds etc.

The main outputs of the NUTCRACKER project will be
[1] the creation of training materials on best practices of every partner country with various topics under the methodologies of learning by helping and learning by doing in all partner languages,
[2] an e-learning platform that will host the online course and training materials developed and
[3] the organisation of ‘Training for trainers’ events in each partner country. These trainers will then support the final piloting events/activities for the end users to validate the training materials produced.

By now, all partner organisations have executed research on best practises that can be found in their countries and provided guidelines and resources to inform about them.
This material will be made available on the projects’ platform once it has been built.

This E+ project with organisations involved from France, Portugal, Spain and Italy has started off in November 2022 and is expected to finish in March 2025.

Want more info? Check the projects’ Facebook page for frequent updates and news around the topics of inclusion and diversity in education.