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Language training

Intensive training

A special program of intensive language courses combined with social and cultural activities. There is an emphasis on communication, and we use authentic materials so that you can put your language to practical use in situations where you need it. Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic.

Language training for corporations

From the outset, Tropical Astral is exclusively focused on bespoke language training tailored around the specific needs and objectives of each client and client organisation. As a result we develop bespoke one-on-one or group training in a wide range of topics and business areas: These can be applied as corporate training using the organisation’s own printed materials, as executive and/or intensive training focusing on highly practical situational needs or combined into specialised sessions using presentations, simulations, role plays etc.

Special modules

Specialized modules offering you a chance to practice authentic communication. Languages are taught with a view to their practical application through role-plays, group work and simulations. Specialized modules can be included in a language training course or organized as a one-day intensive course.

Executive (CXO) training

A special customized program for senior executives who want to learn and develop specific language skills (English, Finnish, Swedish or other languages) at their convenience and with personalized learning experience.

Teacher training for language professionals

TropicalAstral staff has developed and created the contents of the teacher tool website The Language Menu ( with more than 30 000 members who have signed up. The site supports over 50 languages for teachers to create mono- and bilingual worksheets. 24 online tools, 6 interactive tools with student work monitoring, over 4000 illustrations and an additional 4000+ photographs are available.

Additional to the website, TropicalAstral offers seminars on ways to individualise teaching using contemporary news, information and prompts as well as techniques on how to accelerate learning with effective use of flash cards and online tools.