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Fire during Transnational Partner Meeting

Most people recognize the changes in our world from a scientific point of view, with changes in the climate, a global pandemic, and wars and conflicts in large parts of the world. We have all experienced the pandemic as one example and too many people experience wars and other conflicts on a daily basis which is so terrible that it cannot be described in words.

This summer, we, the partners in the Skills4 Integration project, experienced a fire that raged during our transnational partner meeting in Vilamoura, Portugal. For some of us this was a completely new experience, but it was scary for us all. If this was due to climate change or not we can’t say but it was a horrific experience in many ways.

We completed the meeting successfully in the end although we had to change our time schedule and go back to the accommodation and pack our belongings, in case of evacuation.

In the light of this, we also discovered how important it is to have a clear and well-thought-out risk analysis in each individual project and try to be prepared for the unthinkable.

So, besides all things we did regarding the project itself and all we managed to achieve during the meeting, we also ended up with new experiences that we want to share with all of you. So learn from our experience, draw up a risk analysis and risk log, revise it when necessary and don’t forget it in your files!

The Skills4Integration project is proceeding according to plan. The content for the online web app is on its way and translations are being done as we speak. We are creating 90 modules of content within the topics of language, digital skills and maths in beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The development of the online platform has started and the database is being coded. We expect the database to be finalised in December 2022 and the uploads of the content started in January, first with the English content and then the partner languages.

The next transnational project partner meeting is scheduled for
March 2023 in Cyprus.

Our project website is ready, available in 6 languages.
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