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A Successful Kick-off: Edumom Project Partners Unite in Vilamoura, Portugal

A Successful Kick-off: Edumom Project Partners Unite in Vilamoura, Portugal

November 16, 2023

The kick-off meeting of the Edumom project brought together all the partners on November 16, 2023, in the picturesque town of Vilamoura, Portugal. The gathering proved to be not only a productive session but also a valuable opportunity for partners to connect on a personal level, fostering closer working relationships.

The meeting agenda delved into crucial discussions on the specific outputs each partner needed to prepare. Topics such as dissemination strategies and the overall project workflow were thoroughly explored. This collaborative effort aimed to lay the groundwork for a successful and cohesive implementation of the Edumom project.

One of the main features of the meeting was a presentation by TropicAslstral Lda, which focused on video tutorials and the intricacies of crafting effective videos. The workshop, titled “How to Make a Video?”, was warmly received by all partners, who appreciated the practical insights provided. This session proved instrumental in guiding partners in the creation of essential project videos, voice overs, and unity of all the videos to be made.

The captivating setting of Vilamoura offered not only a conducive environment for fruitful discussions but also a chance for partners to engage with one another outside the meeting setting. A delightful lunch at a local Portuguese restaurant situated in the Marina of Vilamoura provided partners with an opportunity to savor the region’s cuisine and immerse themselves in the local culture.

The Marina of Vilamoura, a renowned tourist hotspot, added an extra layer of charm to the gathering. Partners had the chance to explore this vibrant area, creating memorable moments that went beyond the confines of the project’s agenda.

As the day progressed, the bonds among partners strengthened further. An enchanting dinner on one of Vilamoura’s beaches provided a relaxed setting for more informal interactions and enjoyable moments, reinforcing the sense of camaraderie among the Edumom team.

In summary, the objectives set for the first Edumom project meeting were not only met but exceeded the expectations of all participants. The combination of professional discussions, cultural immersion, and team-building activities created a holistic experience that set the stage for a collaborative and successful project journey.

The Edumom partners left Vilamoura with not only a clearer roadmap for their project in regards to their tasks with administration, dissemination, video creation, and the upcoming LTTA in Sweden but also with fond memories of a shared experience that will undoubtedly contribute to a more effective and enjoyable collaboration in the future. The success of this initial meeting lays a solid foundation for the positive trajectory of the Edumom project as partners embark on the exciting and impactful work that lies ahead.