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Project Re-Start – Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs

Brussels, Belgium (31/03/2023) – The Re-Start Project partners are proud to offer The Re-Start Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs, available online on 31 March 2023. The Re-Start Guidebook is a short book full of refugee start-up resources to facilitate entrepreneurship and business development for refugees and migrants.

In recent years, millions of refugees have come to Europe, many of whom have the skills, enthusiasm, and perseverance to be excellent entrepreneurs. When it comes to starting a company, however, refugees encounter unique challenges.

The Re-Start project is an Erasmus+ co-funded project, brought to you by the partnership of four organisations: Welcome Home International (Belgium), Tropical Astral (Portugal), Indepcie (Spain) and Learning for Integration (Finland).

Together the consortium has created four step-by-step guides with migrant-specific advice, localised resources and administrative obligations in all partner countries. Each country-specific guide is available in English and each country’s language (Dutch, French, Finnish, Portuguese and Spanish).

The Re-Start Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs takes you through ten chapters with everything you need to know to get started, from coming up with an idea and writing a business plan to learn about different business models and administrative steps. There is even a chapter on education, training and financing.

Re-Start is explicitly designed for refugees and migrants. It is written at the A2-B1 language level, and each chapter contains vocabulary lists of technical terms and difficult words. The guidebook contains hyperlinks to resources in every partner country, including relevant authorities and helpful organisations.

The Re-Start Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs can be used online or in person, and is suitable for individual use or classroom context. The vocabulary lists and action steps throughout the book make it especially useful to equip teachers working with migrant language learners.

Download the book in PDF (for Portugal) or view the flipbooks for each country on the project website and find out more on Facebook!

Re-Start (Project No: 2021-1-BE01-KA210-ADU-000034932) is an Erasmus+-funded project.