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Pro-Digita Project update – March 2023

The Pro-Digita project supports the intentional use of digital technologies in education and training. This includes developing digital pedagogy and expertise in using digital tools for instructors of adults, including accessible and assistive technologies, and the innovative creation and use of digital educational content.

The objectives of the project are to increase the digital transformation of trainers and learners through the development of digital capacity, to improve the skills of trainers and learners in online education and to improve accessibility in online education for adult learning.

Project results include a handbook to guide adult education trainers and learners towards online education and an online platform for trainers and trainees, to be used in online education.

To increase interaction between adult learning organisations that will benefit from these outputs and other projects, a vast network of contacts will be built throughout the project timeline.

At this stage, the creation of the didactic material in English has been fully completed and the translations to Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish and Lithuanian are finalised.

Furthermore, our Online Platform has been created:

This Platform already has a total of 16 learning modules, all of which add up to a total of more than 100 lessons. The categories include digital resources, language learning for Portuguese, Lithuanian, Spanish and Turkish etc. All modules have been tailored for adult learning.

The next step will be to create a user guide for the platform as well as a manual to guide trainers and adult learners about online education. These guides will be translated into all partner languages. TropicalAstral, coordinator of this project, as well as all the partners will present and disseminate the project and its final outputs, sharing it on all available channels such as the EPALE platform, dozens of Erasmus groups on Facebook, all partners’ websites as well as on the project website.

We therefore conclude that all the outputs we set out to create in this project are following the desired course of action within the project timeline. 

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