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ECOffee consumers – Kick-Off Meeting

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word coffee? If you are a coffee lover, you probably think of a cup of your favourite coffee that gives you that wonderful taste and feeling. The project “ECOffee consumers” does not want to change this feeling, we want to add a little extra!

This project called ”ECOffee Consumers: Creating conscious coffee consumers with sustainable habits for enhancing the sustainable coffee industry” has partners from Cyprus, Greece, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Portugal, and Hungary. The latter is the project’s coordinator and the one who will lead us to achieve our vision and goals.

Together, we will work so that you as an individual coffee consumer, or you as an individual cafe owner, can be part of a network where every cup of coffee contributes to a sustainable world and fight the environment and climate change. A legacy that we wish to leave to our future generations.

For each cup of coffee, we will end up with Spent Coffee Ground (SCG). Decomposition of the SCGs leads mainly to methane, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds production. The project aims to provide significant high environmental, social, and economic benefits by promoting and enhancing sustainable coffee consumption.

How does that sound? To enjoy your favourite coffee and at the same time benefit the environment – we call it a win-win situation. Further on in the project we will also reveal how this can happen.

The project has just started with a kick-off meeting in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary where the partners from  Hungary, Greece,  Cyprus, The Netherlands and Slovenia made presentations of themselves, their organisation as well as their defined responsibilities within the project that will last until 2024-10-31.

All partners are highly enthusiastic about being part of this project and we hope that you will follow our steps towards our vision!

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