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Tecnologia led learning

A aprendizagem inovadora é suportada através da utilização de tecnologia avançada e desenvolvimento de soluções de software de ponta. Primamos pela produção de websites, webportals e apps que sejam responsivos e fáceis de utilizar. Nós, na TropicalAstral, estamos profundamente enraizados na criatividade, praticidade e sinceridade – valores que são visíveis no nosso desenvolvimento wordPress, Phoenix, PHP, Java e aplicações móveis (iOS e Android).


Os nossos designers criativos são especializados em compreender os requisitos do projeto e transformar as ideias digitais em ideias vivas com design interativo e criativo. Utilizamos várias ferramentas de design para criar websites, aplicações móveis e logotipos.

Desenvolvimento móvel e de web

Com as melhores práticas de programação, tecnologias de ponta que são escaláveis, seguras e fáceis de usar, os nossos desenvolvedores criam websites, webportals e aplicações móveis que executam. Construímos websites responsivos, sistemas de gestão de conteúdos, aplicativos móveis e portais web de clientes (PHP, Java e Phoenix).

Web apps/portal

The web-portal for teachers who wish to create fully personalized materials for their classes!

The site supports over 50 languages for teachers to create mono- and bilingual worksheets.

24 online tools, 6 interactive tools with student work monitoring, over 4000 illustrations and an additional 4000+ photographs are available.


The Language Menu

Vårdsvenska offers information and tools for health care personnel who are interested in learning Swedish. Besides language training, we offer you information and tools for employment search, information about Finland and networking.



This tool supports multilingual program coordinators and directors in designing, developing, implementing, managing, and evaluating multilingual programs.



The Benchmarking Tool allows education organisations to assess how mental health inclusive their current provision is against the MH+ Charter by answering 20 questions in 3 key areas - Policy; Training and Teaching Approaches; and Communication and Access to Information. Based on your answers your organisation will be given a mental health footprint - the lower footprint, the more mental health inclusive your organisation is! Alongside your footprint will be key areas for improvement and recommendations on how these can be addressed.

Mental Health+ Benchmarking Tool

Gender+ project has produced a series of related resources: a Gender+ Charter which sets out the minimum requirements an organisation should conform to in order to consider its provisions gender positive. Practitioners can assess their services and track improvement using our Benchmarking Tool, scoring themselves against the Charter in order to form their ‘Gender Footprint’. Organisations that score well are then awarded a Gender+ kitemark.

Gender+ Benchmarking Tool

Mobile Apps

STEM Labyrinth App will put the students in the centre of a real-life situation and it will challenge them to begin solving problems and eventually reaching the solution. Through providing help at several stages, the app intends to increase the motivation and the students’ understanding of the problem. At different stages students would be able to get additional hints in the form of pictures, animations, videos etc. that will enable them to move forward in the “Labyrinth” and get out of it with a solved problem.

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STEM Labyrinth

The phone application City Quiz and Walk is divided into two parts, online and off-line mode. There are different apps available for 5 cities, Helsinki, Lisbon, Paris, Athens & Vilnius. The online mode contains a lot of questions about the respective city & its country in general which can be answered from any location. The off-line mode contains a map of the city that has been split into sections that you can access up to three sections of the city at one time. After you have done all the quests in the section, a new section of your choice is accessible. You will need to be present at the actual location to be able to answer the questions.

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City Quiz & Walk

LANGO: Language on the go, is an educational tool designed to teach refugees English or the host country language of the following countries of the organisations which developed the app: Stitching Vrau en Welzijn from The Netherlands, Learnmera from Finland, Welcome Home International from Belgium, Innovation frontiers from Greece and BURGED from Turkey.

Android App
iOS App

Lango - Language on the go

IndyLan (Mobile Virtual Learning for Indigenous Languages) is an educational tool designed for users to learn some of Europe’s endangered languages as well as more about the cultures of the people who speak these languages. The IndyLan app will help speakers of English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish to learn Gaelic, Scots, Cornish, Basque, Galician and Saami, all endangered at different degrees.

Android App
iOS App

Indylan-Learn Indigenous Languages