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NUTCRACKER – Learning by doing and helping

Project Duration: 2022-2025

The inclusion of people that are usually left behind in the education sector is one of the main priorities of the NUTCRACKER project.
The project aims at creating training materials for adult learners that are at risk of social exclusion, long-term unemployed or with migrant backgrounds.

One of the main goals of the project is to identify relevant best practices in restoration of toys, books, electronic devices, clothes etc. and in the creation of video tutorials for adult learners. This allows partners to plan the creation of the training materials under the methodologies of learning by helping and learning by doing – to create a training program that is focused on learning by helping methodology.

The project sets the basis of creating training materials demanded by teachers and educators that work with students & adult learners, but will allow participants to go beyond the project scope.

The applicant country is France. Partners are Portugal, Spain & Italy.

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Videos: Repairing Toys  |  Repairing Books

The project is financed by Erasmus+ KA2: 2022-1-FR01-KA220-ADU-000087841