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A Project on Distance Education for Sustainable Development

✨ Project Update: As we near the culmination of our impactful initiative, “Empowering Disadvantaged Women via Distance Education for Sustainable Development,” we’re thrilled to share a progress report on the journey so far. Final Stages of Work Packages: Our dedicated team is diligently wrapping up the final stages of the project’s Work Packages. These comprehensive modules are […]


Empowerment Unleashed: Join us in making a difference! ? Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a powerful initiative dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women. ?✨ Download our insightful PDF guide as we embark on a journey of transformation, strength, and upliftment. Together, we can create positive change! ?? #EmpoweringWomen #PositiveChange #InspirationalJourney #DownloadNow #disadvantagedWomen

A Successful Kick-off: Edumom Project Partners Unite in Vilamoura, Portugal

A Successful Kick-off: Edumom Project Partners Unite in Vilamoura, Portugal November 16, 2023 The kick-off meeting of the Edumom project brought together all the partners on November 16, 2023, in the picturesque town of Vilamoura, Portugal. The gathering proved to be not only a productive session but also a valuable opportunity for partners to connect on a […]

Welcome to TropicalAstral, We are Social Media Management Experts!

At TropicalAstral, we are not just a Social Media Management Agency; we are your partners in digital success. Elevate your online presence and engage with your audience on a whole new level. Our team of experts crafts strategies that transform your brand into a social media sensation. But we’re not stopping there! TropicalAstral proudly serves as Project Managers […]

InclusionAPP – Explainer Video

Make sure to watch our Explainer Video for our finished Erasmus+ project InclusionAPP and try out our APP and the courses on our Platform. Visit our website and find out more about our project on Facebook. Enjoy!

INTERREG Gastronomic Exchange Days

As part of the INTERREG program, we participated in a cultural and gastronomic exchange in collaboration with AIFED from Granada. INTERREG programs are financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Regional Fund). The first part of the exchange took place in Vilamoura, Portugal on the 7th march, where Andalusian specialities were presented to local restaurant […]

Project Re-Start – Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs

Brussels, Belgium (31/03/2023) – The Re-Start Project partners are proud to offer The Re-Start Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs, available online on 31 March 2023. The Re-Start Guidebook is a short book full of refugee start-up resources to facilitate entrepreneurship and business development for refugees and migrants. In recent years, millions of refugees have come to Europe, […]

Project Nutcracker Update – April 2023

The Erasmus+ project ‘NUTCRACKER – Learning by doing and helping’ is all about engaging the disengaged and connecting the disconnected due to the covid pandemic. With inclusion being a key element of the project, the aim is to build an inter-modal methodology that links small manual works and digital skills in order to promote the acquisition of […]

Re-Start Guidebook for Business Startups

The first English versions of the Re-Start Guidebook for business startups designed specifically for refugees and migrants are now online in flip book format. The guidebooks go through all you need to do to launch a company in Belgium, Finland, Portugal and Spain. Tomorrow we will have the translated versions and PDF downloads. Have a […]

Pro-Digita Project update – March 2023

The Pro-Digita project supports the intentional use of digital technologies in education and training. This includes developing digital pedagogy and expertise in using digital tools for instructors of adults, including accessible and assistive technologies, and the innovative creation and use of digital educational content. The objectives of the project are to increase the digital transformation […]