• InclusionAPP – Explainer Video

    Make sure to watch our Explainer Video for our finished Erasmus+ project InclusionAPP and try out our APP and the courses on our Platform. Visit our website and find out… Read More

  • INTERREG Gastronomic Exchange Days

    As part of the INTERREG program, we participated in a cultural and gastronomic exchange in collaboration with AIFED from Granada. INTERREG programs are financed by the European Regional Development Fund… Read More

  • Project Nutcracker Update – April 2023

    The Erasmus+ project ‘NUTCRACKER – Learning by doing and helping’ is all about engaging the disengaged and connecting the disconnected due to the covid pandemic. With inclusion being a key… Read More

  • Project Re-Start – Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs

    Brussels, Belgium (31/03/2023) – The Re-Start Project partners are proud to offer The Re-Start Guidebook for Migrant Entrepreneurs, available online on 31 March 2023. The Re-Start Guidebook is a short… Read More

  • Pro-Digita Project update – March 2023

    The Pro-Digita project supports the intentional use of digital technologies in education and training. This includes developing digital pedagogy and expertise in using digital tools for instructors of adults, including… Read More

  • Skills4Integration Update – March 2023

    With the project ‘Skills4Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers’, we address the integration of adult refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have notable disadvantages in literacy, numeracy and digital… Read More